sâmbătă, 28 septembrie 2013


Tuesday, July 23, 2013 the lace looks familiar. English knitting frame lace. It turns out there is a bit of history to it. At the turn of the 19-20-th century the demand for Orenburg lace in Zar's Russia was so high that some importing of the shawl from what is modern UK now has happen. Those shawl were made of wool on knitting frames. Russian folk found this automation quite interesting and has invited the English businessman to Russia. WWI has happen and there was far many a things quite far from lace at that time. Long story short frame lace from wool never made it to Russia. But the lace production existed in UK and from what I know it still does. he shawl on the picture look like a commercial shawl. and thanks to many of photographers at the event there was quite a bit of photos of the baby. Remembering my old habits and ability to reproduce practically any Russian lace by the picture (not that rare of the skill set among Orenburg pro's when it comes to it, yep, signature lace patterns are not shown to neighbors just the same way as it was for laces made in UK). The lace turned out to be quite simple and counts to even number of the spacing, at least if Russian lace shawl would be made that is the chart of it (reduced in size of course very much) I looked closely at the frame shawl construction and it does look quite similar to how Orenshal makes factory made warm shawl. Of course the body is stockinette in there and the wide borders are garter stitch based. Classic Russian warm shawl is constructed differently, and the pattern does count like the classic Orenburg warm shawl lace. Made me wonder about it for quite some time and think about the lace of different regions many miles and seas apart where lace makers did not know about each others existence and yet the lace counts same and shares the same math in it's core. Shetland and Orenburg, they come from the places many miles apart. It's quite fascinating. Yeah, baby blankets are such a nice things... Dear Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, thank you for choosing such a nice and thoughtful (remembering 31 years ago event) baby blanket. And gifting me a nice fun evening charting. Best of luck to new parents and many wonderful days. I did see one of my favorite pattern 'лада - леля' (the diamond with a < closer to the inner part of the shawl, 3-rd прутик) on the shawl. It does bring some memories, personal family memories, of old times of people who are no longer with us. Thank you.