fulgi de nea

miercuri, 10 decembrie 2014


As you all know, my birthday approach. Every year there is a big celebration in my honor and I think again this year the celebration will take place.   During this period, everyone goes shopping, buy gifts, there are plenty of advertisements on radio and in stores, and all this increases the more as my birthday is approaching. It's really good to know that at least once a year, some people think of me .. But I notice that if at first people seemed to understand and seemed grateful for everything I've done for them, more time passes, the less they seem to remember the reason for the celebration. Families and friends gather to have fun, but they do not always know the meaning of the holiday. I remember that last year there was a banquet in my honor. The table in the dining room was full of delicious foods, cakes, fruits and chocolates. The decor was beautiful and there were many wonderful gifts wrapped in a very special way.    But you know what? I was not invited ... I was the guest of honor theory, but no one remembered me and they have not sent me an invitation.    The party was in my honor, but when the big day came, I was left out, and they closed the door in figure ... and yet I wanted to be with them and share their table. In reality, I was not surprised at this because in recent years, all the doors are closed to me. As I was not invited, I decided to join the party quietly without being noticed. I put myself in a corner, and I watched. Everyone drank some were drunk, they made jokes, laughed about everything. They spent a good time.    To top it all, this big man with the white beard arrived, dressed in a long red dress and laughed non-stop: He sat on the sofa and all the children ran around, shouting 'Father Christmas Santa! ', As if the party was in his honor! At midnight, everyone began to kiss her; I opened my arms and waited for someone to hold me in his arms and ... you know what ... nobody came to me. Suddenly they are all set to exchange gifts. They opened them one by one, in great excitement. When everything was unpacked, I looked to see if, perhaps, a gift was left for me. What would you feel if on your birthday, everyone exchanged gifts and you did not receive? I finally realized that I was not wanted at this party and I left quietly. Every year it gets worse. People remember only what they eat and drink, gifts they received, and nobody thinks of me. I wanted for Christmas this year, you let me into your life. I wish you to remember that there are more than 2000 years ago, I came to the world to give my life for you, and ultimately to save you. Today I only wish that you may believe that with all your heart. As many people did not invite me to their party last year, this time I will organize my own party and I hope many of you will join me.    As a positive response to my invitation, send this message to as many people you know. I will be forever grateful. I love you very much!   Jesus