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miercuri, 16 octombrie 2013


NEWS :  Haapsalu Shawl : A tradition of lace of Estonia Siiri Reimann and Aime EDAS and stunning combination of patterns and directions beautifully presented and gave me confidence finally ( and inspiration ) I need to continue with a shawl . Here's some inspiration for you by the authors of the book. Haapsalu , located on the Baltic Sea is a small town in Estonia which received city status in 1279 . Being surrounded by sea on three sides, this quiet town is known as a health resort with healing mud . It is also famous for its medieval castle Episcopal most celebrated Spirit dwelling Estonia, White Lady . Legend has it that a girl was built Estonian blood in life, half- finished wall Baptistery , although banned , she continued to live in sin with one of the guns . Soul poor woman could not find peace and therefore it appeared centuries baptistery window to prove the immortality of her love. about the same amount of recognition was brought to Haapsalu of its hand- knit lace scarves and shawls . It often speaks of Haapsalu shawls delicate lace, needlecraft airy but what this really is about, which makes it different from other lace shawls and how to knit them they are knitting FAQs Haapsalu . With this book we hope to introduce the culture of Haapsalu shawl to a wider audience and encourage anyone interested to try craft shawl knitting. Haapsalu shawl tradition and the city that gave its name to this tradition are inseparable. Therefore, along with shawls , we try to give you the atmosphere of this small town and its famous ladies . as reader and lover of crafts, a book in his hand caught Haapsalu shawl secrets and has not left anything , but I hope you also will enjoy knitting these lovely shawls as much as we do. Siiri and Aime - in Haapsalu Aceasta carte este cu adevarat ca nici o altă carte de tricotat am văzut. Ea face exact ceea ce autorii sperat ar fi, combinând simț al locului, care este Haapsalu cu istoria și tehnica de sale șal omonim tricotate. Model Silvia pentru o eșarfă Haapsalu sau șal. Pentru o mai mare fotografie, diagramă, iar pentru cheia diagramă, vă rugăm să faceți clic aici. Practic, fiecare șal (sau eșarfă) este format dintr-un model de dantela si un model de margine, iar cartea pe care ia prin matematica care este necesar pentru a veni cu numărul de repetări și dimensiunea de șal pe care doriți. Este destul de simplu, într-adevăr! Cele mai multe dintre modele de dantelă se bazează pe elemente din natură. Preferata mea, deși, a fost conceput în 1992 pentru a comemora vizita a Reginei Silvia a Suediei. Acesta e modelul Silvia, o variație a clasic Haapsalu Lily din Valea proiectare. Am inclus Model Silvia pentru tine, la dreapta. Încercați tricotat un specimen cu o dantelă-greutate merinos de dimensiunea 2 1/2-4 ace SUA (3-3,5 mm). Există, de asemenea, o versiune PDF mai mare de diagramă și o cheie de diagramă disponibil aici , e mult mai ușor pentru a vedea atunci când aveți o diagramă mai mare de urmat! Ce este un nupp și cum pot face una? Una dintre cusături tradiționale utilizate în multe șaluri Haapsalu este nupp (am o Bobble numesc). Aici sunt instrucțiunile de lucru a nupp . Knit stitch, leaving it on the left needle , * yarn over , knit the stitch started again , repeat from * twice more , seven stitches to a stitch . If nupp turn it right side up and then muttered nupp stitches together all the wrong place . If nupp is increased by one and then knit the wrong side nupp sticks with loops again all right. Haapsula master knitting directions include a hint , too: In order to get a nice nupp , stretch loops nupp , so they are pretty much even . This makes it easier to purl and knit together the next row. This is just a taste of Haapsalu shawls , there is so much more to learn and fair warning : you'll want to set aside an afternoon to enjoy Haapsalu Shawl well , time will fly as you immerse knitting in Haapsalu . Cheers, SUCCES ! HAAPSALU SHAWL SILVIA QUEEN OF SWEDEN :