marți, 8 martie 2016


If you have a daughter or a niece home, give her a beautiful bouquet of hyacinths 1 March. These flowers symbolize strongly scented playful charm, dynamism and honesty. Other meanings of these spring flowers are youth, kindness, affection and protection for young people. Freesia flowers are best suited for March 8 service colleagues, since symbolizes friendship, innocence and joy of living. In addition, exudes a fresh citrus scent and are pleasing to all the fair sex without transmitting messages too personal.   Your partner will enjoy any spring flower would give, but be sure to submit a discreet "I love you" bouquet offered March 8. Choose flowers that symbolize love, and red tulips (declaration of love), yellow tulips (hopeless love), begonias (deep feelings), chrysanthemum (I love you in secret), lilac (love at first sight) etc. Each spring flower carries a certain significance, which is well to keep in mind when you want to give a woman March 8 dear. Here are some suggestions that will help in this regard! Greek culture associated with the birth lilies, a symbol of motherhood (mythological legends say that these flowers were created from the milk of the goddess Hera). Lilies symbolize hope, faith, purity, rebirth, fertility and good memories. All mothers are welcome and iris, which are associated with faith, wisdom, true friendship, hope and human values. In France, the iris shape is the symbol of the royal family.