duminică, 13 martie 2016

quote of the day- 13 March 2016

Love and compassion are necessities, not wealth. Without them humanity can not survive-DALAI LAMA purpose of our life is happiness, although many people think it is very difficult to achieve. His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler in this book we describe a path strewn with welcome and wise advice that we can follow at the end of which we will reach a more fulfilling life. The art of happiness intertwined concepts and techniques of meditation Buddhist studies and advice psychology of modern Western and teaches us how to cope with situations painful, but inevitable, why should we cherish enemies and what significance have compassion, kindness and forgiveness for our lives day by day. Dalai Lama's views are rooted in a tradition of over 2,500 years old, which, however, tempered by common sense and an understanding of complex modern problems. His perspective on the hardships facing the world today was developed as a result of its special status personality of world class that allowed him to travel repeatedly around the world, to expose different cultures and people from all walks of life and share ideas with the foremost scientists, religious leaders and policies. The end result is a wise approach, optimistic and at the same time realistic way in which we can face our problems. "(Howard C. CUTLER)